November 14, 2016

Before she Forgets you, she wants you to Know This. {Poem}

girl, snow, rain, alone, let go

It’s time she forgets you. 
Some people are meant to love each other,
But not destined to be together.
And you two,
have been lost like a boat in the ocean,
year after year
never finding land.

Nothing’s left but to remove you from her memory,
vanish your presence,
and live as if she never knew you.

You left her with no other choice
but to forget you.

before she forgets you,
she wants you to know this.

She wants you to know she was hopeful
your boat would find the shore,
and never get lost again.

She hoped you’d love her enough
to move mountains for her,
and build bridges instead of walls.
She hoped you’d see in her
more than a mere good company,
and a beautiful face to watch.

She wants you to know
she always read the expression on your face,
and heard the words you said
with your eyes.
But it wasn’t enough.

She wants you to know she wanted you,
all of you,
with all your shortcomings,
and issues.
What you believed was an issue
was a piece of cake for her.

She wanted to become the green of your eyes,
build a home in your iris,
and create a shelter in your skin.
She wanted to become your favorite pillow,
and your most desired fruit.

She wants you to know she waited for you,
for so long.
Loved you,
for so long,
and misunderstood you,
for so long.

You are a mystery,
pure confusion,
a riddle that can never be solved.
And she wants you to know
she grew tired of decoding you.

She wants you to know that she knows
she wasn’t the only one
occupying your space,
and invading your heart.
She wants you to know that she knows
about her.

She won’t ask if you forgot her,
because, by all means,
she knows you did.

She wants you to know she’ll forget you,
in the same intensity,
in the same way.

She wants you to know that she grew up
and can finally see beyond the horizon.
we only learn our lessons
the hard way.
We only stitch our wounds
when they intensely drip blood.

She grew up.
She has learnt her lesson.
She stitched her wounds.
She wants you to know this.

is there anything you want her to know
before she forgets you?
Because she would like to know this.


Author: Elyane Youssef

Image: martinak15/Flickr

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

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