March 24, 2017

Love Him—but Set Him Free. {Poem}

Love him with all your being.

Love him deeply,
and leave a footprint
on his heart.

But if you truly love him,
you must remember
to set him free.

Don’t try to control him
or own him.
Don’t make him stay,
if he wishes to leave.
Don’t be selfish—
don’t need him.

Don’t wrap your arms
around him,
and don’t swim in his ocean,
if he wants you to stay on shore.

Most importantly,
don’t pressure him into loving you.
We can’t force people
to love us,
because we don’t choose
who we love—
love chooses us.

Love him, but set him free.
Build for him the wings he needs
to soar.
Craft for him the key
that releases him
from the chains.

Set him free, and know
that if he loves you
as much as you love him,
he will soar back to you.
He will give you the key
you crafted
to lock him in your heart.

Set him free, and believe
that love
always finds us,
but we must know
how to be found.

Don’t get lost in notions
and labels.
Don’t fool yourself into thinking
that love is about possession.

Know that love
is freedom.
If you truly care about someone,
you must care for their happiness.

Set him free, because you’re strong.
A weak soul can never
let go of an another soul.
But a faithful soul knows
that lovers never separate.
Even when they do,
they stay with each other.

Love him harder,
and set him free.

Close your eyes,
and realize
that you have set yourself free too.



Author: Elyane Youssef

Image: Unsplash/Toa Heftiba

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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Read 37 comments and reply

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