May 24, 2017

May’s Closest & Largest Supermoon: How to Tap Into its Energy.

Since ancient times, the moon has been of great importance. 

It is believed that the frequency derived from the moon highly affects our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

In Hinduism, for instance, a new moon day is considered auspicious and represents creation and rebirth. As for Buddhism, it is thought that the most important advances that occurred in Buddha’s life happened during full and new moons. It’s thus considered a symbol of enlightenment within that tradition.

The moon has a powerful connection with the human mind, but we must know how to benefit from this celestial-human relationship. We have the chance to deepen this connection on May 25th, when the closest and largest supermoon of the year is taking place.

A new moon means a new lunar cycle. Although we can’t see a new moon—because it is positioned in a line with the sun and the earth—we can undoubtedly feel its energy. At the Buddhist center where I used to practice meditation, we would wait for full moons and new moons to meditate outside in natural surroundings. The energy that we felt during those meditations was intense.

To this day, I wait for full moons and new moons to profit from the energy they emanate.

Below are three ways we can benefit from this upcoming new moon:

1. Meditate.

Meditation on a new moon is truly powerful. It is better if we choose an outdoor place where we can feel the wind and see the sky. We can keep our surroundings simple: We don’t have to burn any incense or light candles. We simply need to find a spot where we can sit comfortably.

Set an intention before starting with the meditation. Since it’s a new moon, we can dedicate the sitting to new beginnings.

Close your eyes and imagine the moon in the sky. Inhale through the nostrils, hold your breath for a few seconds, then exhale. When you inhale, imagine that you’re taking the air from the moon. As you exhale, visualize that you’re sending the air back to the moon. Imagine the air you’re breathing is white in color. On every inhale, feel the white air moving all through your body, giving you more vitality and power.

Continue this process for as long as you want. At the end of the meditation, you’ll feel calmer and in tune with the cosmos.

2. Take a sea salt bath.

Taking a sea salt bath on a full moon or a new moon is the best. Sea salt is known for cleansing negative energy. Since the new moon is auspicious and potent, bathing with sea salt during it is extremely beneficial for our aura.

You can either fill the tub with sea salt and sit in it for around 30 minutes or you can shower with it. Gently scrub your whole body with sea salt, but be careful not to scratch your skin—sea salt is rather hard. Personally, I like to meditate when taking a sea salt bath. I focus on my breath when rubbing my skin with it and visualize the cleansing that’s taking place.

3. Set your intentions.

Out with the old, in with the new. Get a paper and a pen and write down what’s no longer serving you. Be grateful for the good and for the bad, equivalently. Know that whatever you went through was essential for your emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. Let go of the past and be ready to welcome new beginnings.

Then, write down what you want to manifest in your life—be it happiness, love, or success. Know that whatever we truly want eventually falls into place at the right time. However, expressing our desires is crucial, as words hold important vibrations in their very nature, so speak what you wrote out loud with faith and determination. I like to do this outside with a clear sky.

And most importantly, be grateful.

Be happy.



Author: Elayne Youssef
Image: Pexels
Editor: Callie Rushton

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