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February 12, 2020

I Don’t Understand You!

I Don’t Understand You!

I don’t understand you and maybe I’m not supposed to.


Maybe the one thing that keeps us separate is the misalignment of our minds.


Obligation is your mantra and mine is live in the now


Obligation is a mind created prison I don’t wish to visit again.


Love doesn’t know boundaries and logic nor does it go by the dogma of past worn out religions created by those of fearful hearts and minds.


We either grasp what we have now and bask in the joy or it will fade into the past of ” I wish I had” list that has remnants of regret and heartbreak.


I don’t understand you and why you would walk away so easily from the passion and melding of our hearts that have longed for each other so long.


I do not understand why someone that tells of his strength would just say “maybe someday” I’ll get around to spending time with you, one day maybe I’ll make time to listen to you, care for you and make love to you.


If you desire me half as much as I do you, then it would be a joy to find time for us.


Instead, it appears to be another inconvenience of life that you just can’t handle anymore.


I do doubt your feelings, I do doubt your intentions not for who you are, but for the manic crazy illogical manner in which you place our love in the perspective totem pole for which you have lined up in your life.


The facade of your life that you live in the pretense of someone’s dream of you and who you should be.


I don’t understand the lack of strength to fight this invisible wall you have between us and to find a way to experience this journey with me and see how far we can fly.


You say you are not afraid to fly with me, I say you are as I see the ocean of avoidance pulls you down into the murky water and time passes and passes.


I do not understand you and somehow it seems as though I never will.


It has been my dream to delve into you and know you like a book that I find a new verse untouched each time I read over the pages of our life as the pages begin to wear the excitement of you will always remain as if the pages have been just discovered.


Lisa Hawkins March 12, 2011


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