March 11, 2020

It’s about Damn Time for some Tough Love in this Broken World.

They’re saying that love will change the world.

Lately, the eyes of most Americans are on the post-impeachment trial events, and any of the changes happening in our country. Many also have their hearts and minds in other countries with all the natural disasters that are happening.

I’m watching all this happen, and hearing from many that what is needed is soft, gentle acceptance of others, and their views.

They’re saying that love will change the world.

I believe it will, but my question is: why does love always mean soft, gentle, and overly-tolerant?

I say overly-tolerant because many confuse patience with tolerance—they are not the same.

Outside of sex, sporting events, and concerts, when is there ever a time to be bold, outspoken, and loud? Maybe now? I believe it is. To me, love isn’t always subdued, soft-spoken, and gentle.

I write, and get feedback on it, often. Typically, I am told it needs to be toned down a bit. I’m bold on paper. I’m blunt, and I say what others don’t.

I truly believe we have enough soft and gentle—it’s time to be bold and loud.

In a time where we have tried being patient, understanding, accepting, and trusting the system, we need to do it differently. Praying—and meditating it into being—might not be all that is needed.

We are watching some of the most horrid things happen in the 21st century—corruption at the highest level, and inhumane treatment of people, animals, and the planet. Our very survival is at stake, in more than one way.

When do we start speaking up louder, making a huge scene, and being bold?

I’m curious as to when we will—as a country, as a world even—end our tolerance for a broken system. When will we realize that the way we have been dealing with these things just isn’t working? When will we decide to create a huge wave? A wave that hits hard with a clear message: We want justice. We want equal rights. We want humane treatment of humans and animals. We want a country that isn’t only for the few. We want a country that is forward-thinking, and taking action on what is best for everyone.  

For me, that time is now! 

It’s long overdue. I’m sitting on my sofa, scrolling through social media, and reading the current event articles, and I feel ashamed, depressed, and hopeless. How I deal with that is up to me. Do I just have a glass of wine and hope it all works out, or do I do something? Get up and speak up. Stand up and yell, if need be?

How bad does it have to get before we shout, and show up by the millions?

When is the time to start showing up in a big way, outside of social media? Why can’t that also be love? I say it can be love…I believe we can give acceptance, and it will be nonviolent. I believe that love is bold and loud rather than only quiet and soft. 

I also believe that in order to make changes happen, the status quo has to be broken. If what we are doing isn’t working, then we have to up our game. We might have to do what we’ve been avoiding.

I believe that Martin Luther King knew he had to speak up—loud enough, and strong enough, to get people riled up, yet not enough for them to become violent. He knew that complacency had set in, and people needed to be shaken up a bit; they needed to find their fire inside to overcome segregation, oppression, and bigotry.

His voice had power! His speeches were cathartic and empowering. His speeches were love

I wonder when that time will be for others.

I wonder how bad it has to get before we drop the “soft and gentle,” and decide to do what needs to be done?

How long will we wait to make the changes needed to create the type of country, and world, many of us want?

For me, I have not seen the bravery that it takes to move a mountain. I’m not seeing the desire to be heard becoming greater than the fear of what others will think if we speak up.

It’s a choice to step outside our comfort zone, and speak up, rather than simply sitting back.

It’s time to stand up, and take action—to make the change now, not when things get worse. We need the masses to do this. Can we as a country, stand in solidarity, stand our ground, and do what needs to be done?

Or, will we repeat history again, and wait until it is too late?

I’m clear on my answer. It’s time to be bold and loud!


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Read 4 comments and reply

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