September 8, 2020

Quietly, it Listens. {Poem}


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It is a marvel.

It is ever-changing.

It is always supporting.

It is transient.

It is dynamic.

It is fluid.

It is the vessel.

And yet, it is abused!

Notwithstanding the physical abuse,

the mental abuse is enormous:

the things we say quietly to it,

the things we expect quietly of it,

the things we make it do.

As if we are doing it a favour from donning it.

Oh, the expectations…

to look just perfect,

just the right size.

Sometimes a little more flesh

and sometimes a little less.

Quietly, it listens.

It listens not with a conditioned sense of hearing,

but breaks past all of that and listens to the energy.

The mental volition of the actions and statements.

Quietly, it stores all the energy from the said words,

but mostly from the unsaid words.

It is aware with every living cell. 

The energy is manifesting

into first dis-eases and then illnesses.

The wearer runs to the doctor,

to the healer,

to the trainer.

Just fix it.

Simply fix it.

The voice screams louder now,

And it listens and manifests

into the contrary of what has been asked of it.


And one day, it quietly sends a signal.


It says, “I am the physical form.

I am the bearer of all your actions.

Without these two legs, where would you be?

Could you see all the places that you boast of

without the slits on your face?

The smiles without the mouth?

The hugs without the hands?

And life without the heart?

And all you could do

is put me through the burden of your expectations?

A little gratefulness

is all I ask.

Like it or not,

I will change.

I am made of elements from nature;

I will become elements of nature.

You were never my owner and

will never be.

Let us work hand in hand now.

Let us show some mutual respect.

Let us show some mutual gratitude.

Let us show love to each other.


I am not you.


You may think it that way

but here I draw the line.

I am the culmination of all your energy.

I am hosting you for a little while.

Let us enjoy this journey.

I am your physical form—your body.” 


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Read 4 comments and reply

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