December 12, 2020

I’ve Grown & I’ve Learned. My New Year’s Resolutions for 2021—& Beyond.


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New years are a big deal.

It is the time we make the new decisions that could positively affect our upcoming 365 days.

I’ve written resolution lists more than I can remember. But as time went by, I stopped this habit. There are some things that have been simply ingrained in my mind, and I remember them every now and then.

Here’s my forever list this year and every upcoming year. May it inspire you:

Walk. For the love of your health, body, happiness, and comfort. Please. Walk. We don’t have to do it for a reason. Walk when you’re joyful. Walk when you’re sad. Walk when in confusion, pain, boredom, or utter excitement.

Cry. If you feel something’s burdening you or you feel like something heavy is sitting on your chest, don’t hesitate to cry. If you feel like grieving, please grieve. If words fail you, utter them with your tears. You’ll feel better, you’ll feel human, you’ll feel whole. I promise.

Don’t worry. You missed your plane for a reason. Your relationship ended for a completely different one. There’s a message to you behind the cup that broke this morning. Losing your pet will teach you something. You missed out on that opportunity because something better is coming your way. I could go on. Really. But I won’t because I want you to experience it. For. Yourself.

Don’t be positive. Don’t be negative. Just be. Do one thing at a time, without tainting it with our own mental negativity or positivity. When we do this, our energy will take over, and all will fall into place. Our energy speaks louder than any words of affirmation.

Don’t trust everyone. But trust yourself, and that should be enough.

Make friends with death. The topic is uncomfortable, but we must come to terms with it. Prepare yourself for the loss of your loved ones. It won’t make it easier, but it will make it less shocking.

Family comes first. Their love, guidance, and care is priceless. Give them everything they have given you because they deserve all the good things in the world.

Speak with a kind heart. Making sure our words are kind, harmless, and devoid of judgment is powerful.

It’s nobody’s fault. We all struggle with traumas, but we shouldn’t blame or punish others for them. Forgive who you think has wronged you, delve within yourself, and do whatever it takes to heal your own wounds.

Appreciate your loved ones. Please do. You never know when you will lose them or when they will lose you. Reach out; show them you care.

Don’t take things seriously. Can we bring more humor into our lives? Please?

Be kind. Love and kindness are all that matters in this life.

Don’t force it. Whatever you force will pop like a balloon in your hands. Have faith that all flows. Really, it does.

Give yourself a break. Don’t burn yourself out and don’t take your personal time for granted.

Say no. Have boundaries. Set them without fear or hesitation.

Let. People. Be. We are here to love people, not to control them or impose our own ideas on them. We must accept them as they are and inspire them to change by being a good example. Whatever we try to control in another person is an unresolved problem within us.

Bad things happen. And we need to learn how to cope. We can’t get much done in life if we only expect good days. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. But whatever does, we need to accept it and learn how to cope with it.

It will all make sense someday. This, I promise you. We just need to be patient, open to all possibilities, and stop banging our heads against the wall.

Trust your instinct. It never lies, it never jokes, and it never betrays us. Our intuition is constantly trying to communicate with us. Open the channels of communication with it if you want to save yourself trouble.

Every day, do something good. Feed a bird, hug your pet, help someone in need, reach out to someone, water your plant. You won’t regret it.


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Read 19 comments and reply

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