July 20, 2021

They Never told you that Being Sensitive is a Superpower.


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Do you find that you have been mostly solitary your whole life?

Do you prefer to do tasks on your own? Even though you might be social and great at interacting with others, you just don’t feel as if the outside world has a whole lot to offer you and you don’t feel like you connect with others the way you long to connect with someone.

You will find that you tend to get lost in music, reading, writing, or something else that is introspective and creative in nature. If you can relate to what I just described, then chances are you’re a sensitive soul.

So, why is it important to address that? Well, this is why. Because all our lives, we are taught to not be so sensitive. To suck it up.

Be strong, chin up, don’t be a crybaby, don’t be a sissy, don’t be so weak.

And men have it far worse than women do because being a sensitive soul comes as a great disadvantage in our patriarchal structures for men who want to succeed. This is incredibly untrue, but it is a narrative that we have been fed from a young age.

So, now what? Because sensitive souls can feel or perceive things at a much deeper level, we can easily become overwhelmed with the emotions that we are feeling, so we end up doing one or both of these things.

We shut down. We close off the part of us that is a gift and we lock it up in a vault and feel shame toward those aspects of ourselves. We ensure that we stay in our safe bubble because we want to protect that sensitive part of us so that we don’t get hurt.

Also, we start to integrate into society and do the things that are expected of us or the things that society deems as good, strong things.

We try to fit in.

We try to blend, and we deny ourselves a life of existing exactly as we were meant to. Although these things might seem to keep us safe, what we are really doing is harming ourselves. Our soul suffers greatly when we stash it and shove it away into some dungeon, never allowing it to see the light of day.

We don’t take any risks, at least not the ones that lead us toward our soul path. In fact, we do the opposite. We reject and steer clear of the very things that stir up our soul.

You may have noticed that you have come across other sensitive souls in your lifetime and you connect more easily with them. There is a safe energy that is present when you are around them, and you feel as if they see you and understand you.

Cultivating friendships and relationships with these types of people are incredibly important if you want to learn about your own gifts and to fan the fire within. This is imperative because denying who you are is no longer going to be working out for you.

Our sensitivity is a gift. By not allowing our gifts to come through, we are actually disowning our self and disallowing the strengths, talents, and abilities that we have to take the stage. It’s as if we are existing in only a shell of who we are.

In order to truly experience the richness that life has to offer us, it is imperative that we show up as our sensitive selves.

By learning to harness that power, we can start to show up more authentically, experience more joy and fulfillment in life, and start to show up as who we were really meant to be.

In time, you will learn that your sensitive soul is truly an amazing strength and gift.



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