October 11, 2021

If Not Now, When? How to Call in a Life of your Dreams & Desires.


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I have a vivid imagination, am an expert fantasizer, a consummate kickass communicator, whose words are tinged with humor and poignance, a high energy presence, and I possess a treasure trove of ideas to cultivate a powerful message and actionable, portable life skills.

The perfect combination to offer a TEDtalk.

It has long been a dream to stand on that stage and deliver a knock-their-socks-off, heart-melting, world-changing presentation.

I’ve likely been listening to them from their inception in 2006. What fascinated me the most was that in a brief time period, the speaker could reach into my mind and plant seeds that remain with me long after they were initially scattered. Some of my favorite “big name” speakers over the years have been,  Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Ken Robinson, Stacey Abrams, Mel Robbins, and Brené Brown.

I have four friends who have also graced the TED stage and I encourage you to take a gander and listen to their presentations as well: Lisa Graham, Alan Samuel Cohen, Jennifer Gardella, and Theresa Byrne.

What each one who takes center stage have in common is a desire to share their life experience in a brief period of time. Kind of like a mini candy bar. A sweet treat sampler.

When I contemplated doing this myself, I had a blend of fear and excitement. Isn’t that what anticipation is about?

I am no stranger to manna-festing (like manna from Heaven) my visions and passions. In 2008, I co-created with the Universe, an interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama using the same techniques I am incorporating to bring this to fruition. I encourage others to use these or other strategies for calling in a life of their dreams and desires.

>> Imagineering as I experience myself on stage in the present moment

>> Writing about it

>> Telling family and friends, since once I put it out there, I can’t turn back

>> Asking for support and energy to surround the intention

>> Creating a vision board with images and words that reflect the anticipated experience

>> Committing to a coaching process with my time, energy, and money

>> Trusting the process, and after doing all I can, surrendering the outcome for the Highest Good

My friend Lisa Graham introduced me to her coach, Cesar Cervantes who is a comedian, teacher, and veteran of two TEDtalks. Since he has been there, done that, got the T-shirt, I made a hell yes! decision to work with him to make my dreams come true.

I posted this message on Facebook and have received encouraging responses from friends who are ardent cheerleaders: “I had an intro Zoom session with Cesar  Cervantes to explore the process of doing a TEDtalk. We have the seeds of an idea and I am beginning the research into it to begin crafting the talk. Looking forward to our coaching sessions to bring it to fruition. I am turning 63 next week and my thought about it is, ‘if not now, when?’ Please see it with me as we hold the vision together.”

Since it is not fully evolved, as the ingredients in a bowl don’t constitute the cake itself, I am not ready to unveil the specifics just yet. The ingredients include a research paper I did in grad school, psychotherapy, consent, connection, the healing properties of touch, and the lifesaving power of hugs.

I apply the three questions Stacey Abrams highlights in her TEDtalk:

1. What do I want? To speak on the TED stage.

2. Why do I want this? I have wanted to have a platform to share what I have learned to be of benefit to others and make a positive difference in the world. I have been the “wind beneath the wings” for transformational teachers, healers, and speakers since 1988 as a journalist. My ego loves the idea of being “on the big stage.” Because I have the skills and experience to do it. Because it will make my work more visible and create even more opportunities to write and speak.

3. How do I achieve it? I put it out there into the Universe many years ago. I keep expressing the desire. I reached out to someone who is providing guidance and who has a proven track record. I am putting legs under my desires and placing a backbone where there is a wishbone.

I welcome the opportunity to share “ideas worth spreading.”

“Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration. Begin, and inspiration will find you.” ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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