February 20, 2022

3 Quotes to improve the Quality of our Lives.


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This first quote (above) has probably been the most impactful.

Sometimes, we can get into a rut of living life like it’s a to-do list. And don’t get me wrong. I love my to-do lists. They help me stay organized and accountable and that really cuts down on the stress. But it is possible to get lost in those lists and life can become a never-ending series of chores.

Stuff still needs to get done, but we can still do things that spark a light within.

For example, we can plan to read a new book like it’s an event—make the space cozy with candles, snacks, and a super soft blanket, and then turn on a piano stream or lo-fi to add to the ambiance. Suddenly, it becomes something more special to look forward to.

This next quote has been featured on Elephant often.

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For pessimists, it’s often easier to point out what’s going wrong than what’s going right, and life’s pretty crappy when you’re always noticing the bad stuff. But after even just a day of noticing what’s nice, hello, serotonin. Life just feels so much better, even thought we haven’t changed anything except to notice the good stuff.

And finally, this one.

“There’s something to be said for hunger: at least it lets you know you’re still alive.” ~ Margaret Atwood

Simply put: when things aren’t going our way, when we wish they were different, when we’re failing, when we’re regretful—when we’re struggling—it means we’re alive.

All of those yucky situations mean that we are feeling something, that we are still upright with our feet on the ground, and we still have an opportunity to begin again. This quote can remind us to take a deep breath and remember that living through the worst parts of life beats the alternative.

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