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February 22, 2022

Spirit Guides, Starseeds, Wheatgrass, 5D – the skies the limit

Do you want to believe wheat grass is good for you? Then it will be. What about pee curing cancer? If you believe it strong enough it most certainly can! Our minds are stupid powerful.

Here is a little personal story to elaborate on this theory. Every morning I do a little mini strength training, literally only 20 minutes, but afterwards my body is always riddled with stress. Since a belief is merely a thought we continuously think, I decided to go inwards and analyze what my thoughts were while I workout. What I discovered is that I was subconsciously holding onto the thought “you shouldn’t be doing this, you shouldn’t be doing this,” creating a frequency of guilt into my nervous system and causing unnecessary stress to my body. Once I was able to bring this into my awareness, I consciously decided to engrain the new belief “this is so good for me, this is soo good for me, it feels sooo good” into my body instead. After a couple days of making this shift, I now feel a wave of pleasure energy flow through me while I workout. My body is no longer accumulating any unnecessary stress and I thoroughly enjoy my morning workouts now! Fascinating stuff. All through the beautiful power of the mind.

And we can honestly take our beliefs as extreme as we want to go…David Hawkins, a pioneer in the field of consciousness, illustrated an incredible example of the immense power of the mind in his book Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender. A man who had a severely debilitating allergy to insecticide fumes decided to tap into him mind power and fully believe that he wouldn’t be affected by these fumes anymore. The very next day he walked into a heavily fumigated home, took some nice deep breaths and experienced zero consequences, no reaction, just complete freedom and peace. Whaaat.

The craziest thing I’ve allowed myself to believe that entered my reality resulted after a morning manifestation where I fully believed that someone would offer me $5,000 that day. This felt extreme, but I gave it a try and put my heart mind and soul into really truly believing it. Sure enough, later that day, someone told me if I went to Nepal with them, they would give me $5,000. Nuts I know. This Universe is full of literally limitless possibilities through our belief system.

What do you want to believe?

My mind has been going absolutely nuts with changing my belief system constantly, really truly understanding how much our beliefs shape our reality but that they can morph at anytime, and can morph drastically depending on what you expose yourself to and how strong you are holding onto your own framework. I went and saw a psychic last week who told me that I was a a Phoenician in a past life that sold priceless wisdom for a living and that someone as smart as me needs to live either on an island or a mountain in order to escape from being bombarded with too many brain waves in order to help me think more clearly. The first part felt good to incorporate as true. Why not believe that I’m here to give out priceless wisdom to the world? However, the second part of needing to live island or mountain was not so fun to want to incorporate because I live in LA, definitely not an island or mountain. Before this session I never really felt like I couldn’t think clearly until he told me this! Now I’ve been walking around with the new belief that I can’t think clearly in LA and need to move. However, at any moment I can choose to let this belief go, remove it from my programming and not make it a part of my story, if I so wish to choose.

What do you want to believe?

6 months ago I was living in Santa Monica, truly enjoying it until I did an acid journey where a thought told me “I should move to Topanga because it is more peaceful.” I decided to listen to this thought and deem it as true. After I took this new belief into my being, my entire universe of living in Santa Monica shifted, everything confirming my new reality of needing to move to Topanga. I started getting annoyed with my roommate, I would ride around my bike feeling how stressed out everyone was. I became irritable that “there is just too many people in Santa Monica and I belong in peaceful Topanga!” But the crazy truth is that if I would have never allowed the belief of “needing to move to Topanga to get more peace” none of this would have ever entered into my reality. I could have still ridden around on my bike feeling just as peaceful in Santa Monica if I wanted to. The material world doesn’t need to have that much power over us. You can actually sincerely feel peace wherever you are, if you believe you can. Stupid drugs. (But actually I absolutely love Topanga, no regrets.)

What do you want to believe?

Now let’s go down the rabbit hole of beliefs for spirituality. I contemplated on whether or not I wanted to believe in past lives for a long time. Do I want to accept the reality that we just reincarnate over and over again and that our souls continuously go into different bodies? At first this perspective scared the shit out of me because it was far beyond the Christian framework I was raised from, but once I opened myself up to believing that past lives do exist, I actually experienced a major shift….if past lives do exist and we carry our karma, our sanskars, our frequency, with us into our next life, then that is INSANE motivation to stay on top of my healing and make sure that we are figuring out how to do life and reverse our karma in this lifetime.

I spent most of my life with a fixed, skeptical mind about anything not scientifically backed, and just like past lives, as I’ve continuously loosened my grips on this control, I’ve opened myself up to a big wide world of possibilities. It’s honestly fun to experiment with your beliefs. If you allow yourself to believe in something then it will become very real for you, whether or not it actually exists is besides the point. So do you wanna believe in twin flames? Why not! If it’s fun! Spirit guides? If they help you, so be it! Maybe you feel like you’re a starseed and that earth is not your original origin. Go for it. Maybe you want to think that you are now living in 5D and life is finallyyy getting good. More power to you. If it helps you on your journey, then that is all that matters.

What do you want to believe?

Ever since I opened myself up to believing in the spirit world, the more help I’ve received from the worlds beyond this dimension. Spirit guides are now a very present part of my current belief system and I actually physically feel them help me when I’m struggling and call out to them. I call on Archangel Michael, the defender and protector guardian angel, when I am in need of some protection before I go to sleep. Doing this sincerely brings me feelings of peace and safety before I go to bed. This is what I needed after a dark period of insomnia ignited by my repressed sexual trauma resurfacing. Believing in Archangel Michael has literally cured my fear of sleep. So I don’t really care what’s “real.” If it helps, it helps!

What beliefs would help you with your current struggles?

We all live in our own realities and the more you expose yourself to different kinds of people, the wider array of belief systems you will find. My ex-boyfriend was deeply spiritual and connected to plants. In his reality, he would talk to trees and they would tell him their name and sometimes there life journey. This was way far out of my comfort zone and I hard core judged him at first because it was so far beyond anything I had ever exposed myself to before.  But I liked this guy and because of my exposure to his belief system, today, one year later, I feel more connected to trees and plants than ever before.

A couple of months ago when I had COVID and was super struggling, I hadn’t gone outside in my magical new peaceful Topanga home (hehe) in several days and was feeling exceptionally lonely and isolated. I had forgotten that the outside world even existed. I decided it might be a good idea for me to reconnect with the world beyond the desolate frequency I had created indoors. As soon as I opened my front door, I immediately felt a flush of support from all the plants outside hit me like an ocean of love, it felt like they were saying “we love you, we are here for you, we miss you.” This experience would have never occurred if I stayed close-minded and didn’t open myself up to believing that we can be more connected with plants. I am honestly so grateful I’ve enabled myself to connect with elements in the Universe besides just humans. Creating your reality is fun! Who cares what’s real! I’ve been embracing the “don’t know” lately and it is a very freeing place to be. Embrace the void of not knowing and just experiment with life, it doesn’t have to be so serious. (:

I want to emphasize the importance of choosing beliefs that feel good to your body. If someone tells you something about yourself that doesn’t feel good when they say it, then don’t let it enter into your programming and just immediately reject it! Being able to create this automatic filter takes a lot of practice. We are constantly CONSTANTLY being told by other humans what we should believe. We love projecting our truth onto others, playing God for each other telling others what they believe and what will work for them. When the truth is that we really need to be connected with our inner knowing of what is good and not good for us.

So let me ask you, what do you want to believe?

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