March 1, 2022

The Negative Effects of Frustration (& How to Stop Feeling Depleted).


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Do you feel like frustration is the number one emotion you struggle with?

If so, I can relate. However, it wasn’t until I had a Human Design reading that I really understood a new perspective of how I’ve been accumulating frustration all my life.

Since we were little, everyone has told us what to do. Go clean your room, go to college, do your homework. Nobody ever asked us what we want to do. This programs us to turn into adults who just are doing what people tell us we “should” be doing, leaving us disconnected from ourselves, our intuition, and what would actually light us up in life.

Maybe you are frustrated with your job, frustrated with your relationship, frustrated with honestly anything! I’ve spent many, many years with this specific pain in the right side of my back that felt like a rod shooting up it.

All physical pain is a manifestation of emotional pain, but I was never able to bring awareness to this specific emotion until my Human Design reading. Frustration, baby. That’s what I’ve been storing in the right side of my back for literally my entire life.

In human design, frustration equals the not-self, which means that whatever you are engaging in in that moment is not in alignment with your true self. Anything that brings satisfaction to your being is something that is in alignment. I can’t tell you how many jobs I’ve had where I held onto frustration pretty much the entire day. So what gives?

According to Human Design, 70 percent of the human population are generators, which means that we provide continual power and life force energy to the world. So, if you are ever engaging in anything that isn’t aligned with your true nature—the work, the people who are correct for you, who will light you up and ignite that generator energy for you to power through life—you will feel depleted and not energized, and forever frustrated.

So how do we get from frustration to yummy satisfaction and alignment in life?

It’s simple. It’s easy. All you have to do is respond. Respond to what life brings you. Correctly.

For example, life brings you a person asking you to go on a date and your body retracks inwardly even though the mind might feel like you’re “supposed” to say yes or you “should” say yes for whatever reason.

Listen to the body’s response, not the mind.

Our minds have been toxically programmed that we are super disconnected from what is healthy for us. But we can always trust the body’s response to anything. That is our intuition. It is that initial response that either feels like a “meh” or a “f*ck yeah!” super-excited feeling.

Sometimes life will bring us things to respond to that are correct for us, but we are just scared. For example, someone asks you to go to Alaska with them and it excites the sh*t out of you and your body really, really wants to go! But your mind starts talking, saying no I don’t have the money, coming up with endless excuses and fears as to why we can’t do something.

However, the more you start responding to life correctly, listening to that inner elation about something, overcoming the fear, and just freaking embracing trust, the more you will find that life will take care of you if we can get out of the mind and follow what the body wants to do.

Whatever excites you and brings your body satisfaction is correct for you. We are here to enjoy life—not be forever frustrated.




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Read 3 comments and reply

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