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April 20, 2022

Mind & Body Manifestation

I’ve been in the process of deeply experimenting with manifestation this past year and have finally perfected the process.

It’s gotten to the point where I am kind of scared of how easily it is to manifest anything. Literally anything.

So what do you want. A new house? The perfect relationship? Your actual dream job? $5,000?

You name it, you can have. Sincerely truly. We are that powerful. All you have to do is tap into creating an immense energy of fully unconditionally believing with your heart, mind, and soul that you can have it.

Now not everything we think we want are actually good for us, so this process will help you to ensure that you are manifesting desires that are truly for your Highest good.

My Manifestation Process:

1.)   Make a list of alllllll the specific qualities you want in something. For example, if you want a new home you can write the location, price, all the qualities and physical details of what you want in the home…whatever your little heart is desiring. Dream big, but not irrational. The next part, insanely more important aspect, is to incorporate the feelings associated with that thing we want. Everything we want from the material world is because of the feelings we think we will get once we have it, so it is imperative to really tap into what you want this life experience to FEEL life. Maybe you want a house that exudes peace, comfortability, and warmth. Maybe you want a job where you feel empowered, inspired, creative, and motivated.

2.)   Next, there are a few fun things to add at the end to really amp up what you actually attract. One is to write “it is even better than I can imagine” so that the universe can bring you something your small mind can’t even think of itself. If you are unsure that this is something you actually want and lack clarity if it is for the Highest good, I will add “bring me this or something greater if it isn’t aligned.” Lastly, make sure to add “this opportunity came to me.” That way you can create the feeling of attracting this experience into your life. You aren’t putting energy into going and getting it, it is coming to you. Let the Universe figure out the how, when, and where just sit back and trust that it is coming.

3.)   Once you have this all written down, the next step is to create the energy field to really start attracting this into your life. So I read my list out loud, creating in my body what I want that thing to feel like in the present in order to attract it. You must fully align your heart, mind, and soul with what you want. If there is even 1/1000th little part of you that doesn’t believe you can have it, you won’t attract it. I tried to attract $1,000,000 once and felt lots of resistance in my body, mostly because I don’t need $1,000,000. Make sure to then tap into the frequency of high gratitude for this thing you want, gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving. Then fully RELEASE it. Remember that desire pushes what we want further way. The less and less attached I’ve become to really caring about getting this thing, the faster I can attract it. That has been the key for me in manifesting. So release release release. My actual manifestations don’t come if I am constantly then thinking about it impatiently. They come once I completely forget I even tried to manifest it.

Now I wish the process was just that simple to have the life of our dreams, however there is definitely more to it than just this. Our ego mind has been programmed with so much bullshit on what we think will fulfill us that we don’t necessarily know what we want when we manifest with just the mind.

4.)   This is why the last and most integral step is that once you actually attract this thing into your life, you must in the present moment then check in with your body and see if it is something you actually want. You will feel a sense of excitement, satisfaction, and lightness if it is something that is truly aligned for you. You will feel a disgust feeling in your gut or a meh if it isn’t truly aligned. This can be a very very subtle feeling which is why it is so essential to make sure you are listening to the BODY not the mind. Remove emotion if possible and just notice how your body responds when you are presented with this opportunity. I manifested a roommate once where I wrote down all the qualities of what I thought I wanted in a roommate and the person that fit these qualities approached me literally the next day asking if I wanted to be her roommate, I felt my body retract, however my ego mind was so impressed that I was able to manifest this person that I said yes. It ended up being a very challenging living situation because her energy was too much for my nervous system. It was full of many beautiful lessons and no regrets, but provided me with lots of clarity on how our mind doesn’t necessarily know what is good for us. So make sure the thing you manifested a week ago still excites you in the present moment once life actually brings it to you!

This method might take some practice to perfect, remember to be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Your confidence will build with time. The key things to remember are gratitude, detachment, and then gut instinct. Actually most important is trust. Try to tap into trust of really fully wholeheartedly believing that we truly can have what we want in life, a life full of fulfillment, satisfaction, contentment, love, and joy. It is possible. Life is on our side and wants us to enjoy it. Are you enjoying your journey?

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