May 8, 2022

How to Get out of a Rut & Not Let Ourselves suffer Longer than Necessary.


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Are you currently stuck in a place of stagnation?

No forward movement, no change, yet have no idea how to get out of your current circumstances? Do you desire to learn more about how to shift your energy when you get in these states? Learn how to free yourself from your own pain and suffering that you might be subconsciously addicted to?

We all go through periods in our life where we feel stuck. Physically, financially, emotionally…in our relationships, in our business, in life itself. Just pure stagnation. No forward movement. Same block happening over and over again.

We might blame it on our emotions like loneliness, boredom, or lethargy. Or perhaps on our past like a trauma or a relationship that ended badly.

And then the more we stay stuck, the harder and harder it is to get unstuck. We continue to create that same karma over and over again. Our reality just feels so true, we can’t see a way out.

The stronger we hold onto whatever thoughts and feelings are creating our stuckness, the harder it is for us to get out of these holes.

We might even go into victim consciousness and start blaming the world, even though we really are creating it all internally.

With that said, when we get in these places, we do need help. We need help from ourselves, we need help from others, and we definitely need help from a higher power.

It starts with accepting where we are at and acknowledging that what we need is change. Think different thoughts, feel different feelings, do different things.

Simple? Yes. Easy? No. Change is hard. Humans resist doing anything differently. We get comfortable with our suffering; it’s what we know.

What is the only thing we have to do when we are suffocating ourselves?

Fight the resistance.

Life is constantly sending us signs and clues of things that can help get us back on track.

Yet, we must ask ourselves: Are we ignoring the signs? Are we allowing ourselves to be guided? Or are we letting ourselves stay miserable? Maybe the sign is from our higher self telling us over and over again to just go to the dang gym, call that person, say yes to that coach, move to that city, end that relationship.

Just do something differently. Anything that will shift the energy.

And then once we make that leap, it’s time to start unraveling our internal reality of those thoughts and feelings that created those undesirable circumstances in the first place.

Learning how to consciously let go of the frustration, bitterness, doubt, insecurity, shame, guilt—whatever negative emotion that we’re holding onto that sincerely—doesn’t have to be a part of our world at all. Learning how to let go of the stories and thoughts that are associated to those emotions. Rewriting those stories and beliefs, which are simply thoughts we continue to think.

That’s how we get out of a rut: through awareness. Through willpower. Through creating a new reality for ourselves.

Some ruts are small, some ruts are big. My biggest rut was after I stopped a drug addiction to Adderall and was going through withdrawals and fell into a deep depression. I became familiar with the emotion of depression. I spent six months in this dark abyss. What was the shift for me? For this specific rut, I was able to help myself. One day, I just decided I was done feeling horrible. I tapped into a spiritual willpower, and that decision catapulted me into my next phase of life. Now depression is one of my least familiar emotions; it’s no longer a part of my reality at all.

Maybe your rut is your business that has been spiraling down for months, having too much time on your hands, being chronically stressed for years…whatever kind of rut you are in, no matter how big or small, you can always climb your way out.

Just try to make a change of some sort, any sort. And be open to the signs that the universe is bringing us on what we need to do to make a shift. When I was on Adderall, Netflix made a documentary called Take Your Pills specifically on Adderall addiction. It sincerely felt like it was made for me; I hadn’t even made the connection that I was abusing it. This was an explicitly clear sign, yet it took me months past this to listen to it.

Don’t let yourself suffer longer than necessary.

And please remember that life wants to help us. So let life help you.



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