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July 17, 2022

Staying Spiritually Connected

Spirituality is everything. If we are able to form a solid spiritual connection, every area of our life will be reignited.

So, how do we live life from a place of staying connected to trust, faith, and guidance in this earthly lifetime?

How can we separate ourselves from the world at any given moment and connect back with our Higher Power?

These powerful questions sprout the secrets to enlightenment.

So, what is spirituality?

I like to say, simply being connected to something greater than the self. The small, limited ego that can only view reality from a very narrow lens.

With spirituality, we begin to live life from a place of being okay with the unknown. We start to loosen our grips on control, once we realize there is so much more than what we can see at any given moment. We can earn how to continuously surrender up our worries, fears, uncertainty, doubts, struggles and let them be replaced by trust, hope, acceptance, guidance, and faith.

This is the work.

This is how we stay spiritually connected.

“It is well to know in advance that all suffering is not intrinsic to spiritual gain but strictly due to resistance to it. Suffering is due to dragging one’s spiritual feet and the ego’s insistence on having it’s own way. Abandoning the ego as God and turning to Divinity is what serves the evolution of consciousness. If all life experiences are surrendered as they occur, they become transformed by gratitude into the miraculous and seen as gifts. ”   -David Hawkins

This is beautiful knowledge. But how do we implement this idea of surrender into our life on a daily basis?

What are some tangible ways that we can go about our journey here on earth staying connected to our Higher Power?

3 Ways to Stay Spiritually Connected:

1.) Having a daily spiritual practice. Spiritual practices come in many shapes and forms. Meditation, exercise, sunbathing, journaling, praying, singing, chanting, breathwork or a mixture of all of the above. The benefits of having a daily spiritual practice include helping you to reconnect with yourself daily by separating yourself from the world and channeling beautiful energy. Doing it daily enables you to ground in whatever energy you are connecting with through your practice, allowing you to continually come back to the feelings of peace, contentment, love, joy, bliss, connection, freedom that you can reach through these various practices.

For me, journaling and meditation are my non-negotiable daily spiritual practices. Meditation helps me create a powerful energy field of peace by learning how to discipline the mind and let go of the incessant thought loops that our ego gets addicted to, surrendering up the thoughts immediately as they flow in. And then journaling as not only a form of prayer to manifest what I want, but also for self-therapy to process what I am struggling with by simply getting it out and surrendering it up.

2.) Consistent deconditioning. Having an internal filter to help us decondition and deprogram ourselves from whatever we are exposed to as we walk through this world is an incredibly powerful way to stay connected. Constantly coming back to OUR truth and OUR inner guidance system. Remembering that humans are humans, not a Higher Power. So if someone is sending you some fear, doubt, mistrust, etc. not letting that energy become a part of your story by immediately rejecting it.

When I first started life coaching, I was living with an elder that I highly respected. He told me that coaching might not work out for me because there is an oversaturation of life coaches in LA and it’s harder to make money, telling me I should consider a different route. I immediately did not let these doubts in my ability to be a life coach become a part of my new thoughts and belief system, staying connected to trust that the Universe was going to help guide me on this path that I intuitively was being drawn towards. I could have instead listened to him and let life continuously drag me in different directions based on what other humans say. But living life this way only keeps you disconnected.

3.) Lastly, asking for help. In any given moment we can tap into our Spiritual Will and release whatever resistance we are holding onto, yet sometimes we get stuck. When this happens, we can always stop and ask for help. You will find that when you do this, you will feel immediate relief, because asking for help is the ego admitting that it doesn’t know everything and that is doesn’t have it all figured out. When I do this, I often experience a shift instantaneously in my reality. Whether it be the Universe sending me a thought in the moment that answers my exact question to my struggle. Or maybe a person will walk in and help…there are many ways that Divinity enters in to support us when we ask for help.

The other day while riding my bike, I was stuck in a deep feeling of numbness, not understanding what to do with it. A part of me felt the need to force shift this feeling into something more positive and another part wanted to just accept and embrace it until it passed. It was causing me significant inner turmoil to be in this place of uncertainty, going back and forth incessantly in the mind. Then, I stopped myself and remembered that I can ask for guidance at any time and sent up a thought to the field asking for clarity. About 5 minutes later I was guided by my intuition to listen to a specific playlist I had completely forgot I ever made called “inspirational guidance.” I clicked on the first song and within 2 minutes the artist was speaking on numbness. His words gave me the feeling of certainty and clarity that embracing the numbness was what my Higher Self wanted me to do and to be easy on myself until it passed. This little life experience was nothing short of a mini miracle. A miracle resulting from me simply allowing myself to receive the support. Something we can ALL do at any given moment.

If you need guidance on getting spiritually reconnected, please email me at [email protected].

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