July 22, 2022

We’re Keeping Ourselves Small.


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We humans love to limit ourselves.

Many of us are so addicted to our suffering that we let it become our baseline. So used to the stress that we don’t even realize we are stressed. Completely unaware of what life could be like, how absolutely beautiful it can actually be…if we open ourselves to it. If we allow ourselves to get out of our comfort zone, expand our awareness, and get away from what everyone else is doing. Because what everyone else is doing clearly isn’t working.

“If you enter a market and don’t know what to do, watch what everyone else is doing, and then do the opposite, if you want to be successful. The majority is almost always wrong.” ~ Earl Nightingale

We need leaders. We need people who are willing to take risks, willing to throw themselves at life, willing to face the fear. Because you know what is on the other side of that fear? Growth. Empowerment. Beautiful experiences.

Imagine a future where instead of the typical response, “Oh, I’m fine. I’m busy. I’m tired,” to the everyday question, “How are you doing?” people instead responded with, “I trust that everything is working itself out. I have faith that bigger things are happening in my life that I can’t see clearly at the moment.”

Or better yet, scratch the social norm of, “How are you doing,” and replace it with, “How are you being?” Because that is really one of the root problems in our society. Believing we are accomplishing anything by the relentless doing. All running around trying to get into a future that we hope will be so much better, resisting the present moment, which is the definition of stress.

Yet, in actuality, everything we want comes as a direct result of what we have become, not what we are doing.

“The only thing one can actually ‘do’ is ‘be’ one’s potential to the fullest.” ~ David Hawkins

So what keeps us so small? I like to call it, living in victim consciousness. Not able to fully understand that everything we are experiencing is a direct result of something that our soul got us into.

We get easily caught in complaining, blaming, projecting, and making excuses for our pain and problems. It can be hard for our egos to see clearly that we are doing it to ourselves.

Once I realized this, I would say I woke up. Essentially, had another spiritual awakening. Fully, deeply understanding deeper truths of reality as I’ve become more and more conscious as to how the Universe works. Realizing that we are creators of our own reality shaped by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. Witnessing how real karma is.

I’ll tell you a little story. I used to be a nanny and was miserable. Literally mind-numbing for me because my inner being knew I was capable of so much more. I was riddled with inner frustration that I projected out onto the external world. On a day-to-day basis, internally blaming the family for my discomfort and dissatisfaction with life. Really buying into this story that I was suffering because of them. But that’s all it was, a story. Once I was able to shed some ego walls, I could see more clearly that I really just needed to leave the job and that the family wasn’t the root of my suffering—I was.

Another soul could be working for that same family full of joy and satisfaction. It just wasn’t what I was meant to be doing. It did not light me up inside; it more so left me numb and dead. After this epiphany, my Higher Self did not want to play small the rest of my life. We all have an inner desire to reach our potential and this desire kept nagging at me. This sense of knowing that I was capable of so much more. Yet, I let myself stay stuck. I let myself stay small. For months.

I was comfortable with mediocre yet also complaining about it at the same time. How does that make any sense? This is the definition of being stuck in victim consciousness.

Luckily, after getting miserable enough, the Universe finally gave me the push I needed to leave this job. To fight the fear and take a huge, gigantic leap into the unknown.

And you know what happened? I died. Just kidding!

Well partially. I would say I had an ego death as my entire lens on how I view reality is different now. A higher level of consciousness to say the least. Overcoming fear is my new norm. Getting uncomfortable is one of my favorite things. Because you know what it has brought me? Exponential growth. Insanely magical opportunities life keeps sending me that are nothing short of miracles. Life experiences like moving to a city and into a home I could have never previously even dreamed of. Connecting with a community of like-minded souls who make me feel understood, accepted, and seen for the first time in my life. Building my own spiritual life coaching business transforming others lives, something I would have never imagined I would be doing two years ago while stuck in my little nannying job.

But this is what happens when you take risks and you let yourself actually blossom and become your potential. So if you are stuck in your own misery, making excuses, blaming, projecting your suffering onto everything external, please let this be inspiration for you.

We really are doing it to ourselves.

Take responsibility of your own reality.

Here is another example of victim consciousness. You have a desire to stop an addiction or something you have an unhealthy relationship with, so you say you are done and you try to quit. But then your ego comes in a few days later and comes up with a beautiful excuse as to why it is okay for you to indulge in the behavior again. “You had a hard day at work, an extra super stressful thing happened, and you deserve it.” Acting on this will only leave you filled with guilt and shame afterwards. It’s an insidious cycle.

Yet, we are doing it to ourselves.

Shed these ego walls that are keeping you small and in your own suffering.

Now, I’m will digress from the masculine-dominated approach to inspiring you to change and add a little more feminine energy. A little more compassion, understanding, and grace. Because, I hear you. Many of us have lots of traumas and childhood circumstances that were beyond our control and did leave an impact on us. Life is not fair. We all really do have a little inner child who just wants to be loved. We all could use a day, a week, a month, to just be…curled up somewhere, unconditionally held, getting all our needs met by the Universe. Given the feeling of what it’s like to sincerely not have to worry about anything, to not be stressed about sh*t, to make all the pain go away instantly and reconnect with the inner peace that really is under all the noise. Reclaiming our innocence and the pleasure of life that should be our birthright.

Yet, do you know how this is possible? How the future of humanity can start experiencing more unconditional love and eternal peace?

By individual souls stepping up and commanding to not settle anymore. Creating a future for the world by choosing to not live in fear, stress, worry, and anxiety.

Nothing has to bug you, nothing has to irritate you, and nothing has to make you angry.

Instead of talking about all the problems you see in the world, begin embodying what you yourself want to see—and along the way, give yourself compassion, unconditional love, and forgiveness for absolutely everything you’ve been through, because healing is a part of the equation too. This is how we move from victim to creator consciousness.

Rather than keeping ourselves small, let’s make ourselves big.

Are you ready to create a life, a world, that can be so, so, so immensely more beautiful than you are allowing it to be?

It’s waiting for you.


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