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March 12, 2023

Spiritual Transformation

I like to say that my writing writes me. 20 years ago, these words came through me, not from me. I am grateful to be the hollow reed through which this music is played. Call it channeled. Call it inspiration. Say that it was whispered in my heart. Perhaps it is a gift from the Divine. In the interceding two decades, so much in my life has changed. I became an adult orphan when both of my parents passed. I loved my way through a few relationships. I left a job that I had held for 12 years that was both fulfilling and draining. I experienced several overlapping career changes. I published my first book and contributed to a few others. I said goodbye to dear friends as the transitioned to the other side of the veil and welcomed new ones into my life. I had a cardiac event/heart attack. I founded a movement called Hugmobsters Armed With Love. I raised my son as a single parent.  I became a mother in law and grandmother x 2. I traveled to Ireland. I interviewed His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I offered my first TEDx talk. Life had its way with me and continues to do so. Sometimes I surrender to what is. Sometimes, I fight it kicking and screaming. Mostly, I embrace it.
I offer this as a gift to you. May my words be of benefit
May my mind be open to the wonders beyond words.
May my Spirit dance in delight, knowing that in Essence I am One with all that IS, and thus I am never alone.
May I courageously explore the Shadow, the dark mystery that is within all.
May I acknowledge its place in my life rather than casting it out in terror.
May I used it to reach out, create from the depths….such power…such magic….such wisdom.
May my body be strong in its journey toward reaching out and stretching comfort zones; this vehicle that totes around my Spirit.
May it interact lovingly with other bodies.
May I care for it with food that nourishes and touch that heals.
May I release old wounds, perceived slights; surrendering them into the Light.
May I give over my need to control the outcome of anything, trusting in the Highest Good.
May my grief overflow as a font of tears that cleanse and heal myself and those whose paths I cross.
May I be a shelter from the storm, a safe place for those who seek solace.
May I refrain from judging the wounds of others.
May I withhold judgment of my own vulnerabilities.
My I flow on the river of life, carried tenderly on its currents.
May I know stillness and silence as intimate companions.
May I always live in a sense of awe.
May I empty out, releasing busy-ness that camouflages my genuine feelings.
May I not hide behind doing for fear of being.
May I open my hands and heart to receive what comes, once there is open space.
May I know for certain that I am and we are love and peace incarnate.
Copyright © Edie Weinstein 2003-2023
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Read 4 comments and reply

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