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March 28, 2023

You Are Most Important!

Feeling happy? That’s ok ! Feeling sad ? That’s ok! Felling agitated? That’s ok! Feeling overwhelmed? That’s ok ! Feeling unsure what to do ? THIS IS ALSO OK!

The thing that is not ok is feeling as if it’s not ok to feel any emotion we are feeling.
Don’t ever think you cannot feel any way !
Hey, they are your emotions, your feelings, your life!
Feel it, taste it, touch it, hear it, see it and all of the above x 100.

Life is not about suppressing your emotions, your life is about expressing and living out your emotions.

Of course we don’t know any better, because growing up as a child, we would get told off for crying or teased for being upset and hurt. And if we were too happy we were also told to turn it down a notch.

So crap!!! What ever happened to just being allowed to be as you are!!! Hence the reason why we grow older feeling ashamed of feeling hurt or angry or sad or jealous.

There is always something deeper within each emotion and the only person who can deal with this is you! That’s right you can only help yourself towards how you feel within.

So take time each day and just be with yourself and understand why you feel how you feel. Tell yourself it’s okay to feel like this!

Observing your emotions and being with the core of why you feel the way you do , this will allow you to accept things for what they are and when you give yourself time to express your emotions in your own space you will then come to a understanding whether or not you want to continue with this feeling by backtracking on your life and looking at the feelings and emotions that are connected to all the habits in your life today.

Your life , your choice, your emotions , your doings!
It’s all up to you and you know what else?
There is no right or wrong or good or bad , we all see things differently so what’s more important is what it is you think! What it is you believe! What do you want?How do you want things to be?
But most importantly how do you want to feel?

So remember when you are feeling a certain way, don’t forget to just be with it.
You will eventually free yourself from your own emotions.
Why ?Because, You are most important!

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