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March 28, 2023


The truth about all of us human beings is that we all have multiple personalities. How often do you talk to someone and you notice as they explain to you how they may react to a certain situation, you then turn around and say to them, “hey yeah that’s what I do” or “yes that’s exactly how I see things!” Then you both tell one another how you are so much alike!
Well, the truth is we are all alike. Think about all our emotions that we go through, happy, sad, motivated, unmotivated, angry, excited, bored. We laugh, we cry, we have fun, we get depressed, and the list goes on. We will all go through different types of emotions and moods throughout our lifetime. All these emotions together with how we deal with things make up our personalities. But is this who we truly are?
The answer is no its not! We all have our inner self deep within. Look at your deeper self in the mirror! Do this and ask yourself this question, “who am I?” repeatedly ask yourself this question and become aware of the voice that is asking, this may seem a little strange but try it, keep repeating the same question then just stop and watch yourself. You will find the deeper self within you, your deeper self that has nothing but unconditional love, your deeper self that has so much joy, your deeper self that has so much peace. Do this to continuously remind you who you truly are.
We all hold this innocent essence within us, and because of this we are all interconnected which is why we do sometimes feel the pain and hurt of others, we also feel the happiness and excitement of others.
When we learn to push away our egoic personalities, we can think and feel from our deeper self, we all have this whether you want to believe it or not! This is the place of pure happiness without the need of looking to buy things, looking for distractions or having things to believe its going to make us happy.
Give your deeper self that time of day that it deserves and allow your happiness and light to shine right through you.
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