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July 11, 2023

10 Keyways to start your day !!!

1) Wake up early morning and begin by opening your eyes and just feel from within, become grateful for your existence on this universe.

Say a little prayer or say a
few simple words like,” thank you!”

2) Always make your bed before you wake up, this will help you with your state of mind, when you leave your bed looking nice and neat your mind will feel the same way.

Having clarity first thing in the morning will encourage your day with many more
positive habits.

3) Daily Affirmations-Look into the mirror and tell yourself, I am worthy, I am loving, I am caring, I am… say what you feel and do this out loud.

4) Do a short meditation, you can do this lying down, sitting up or even walking, you do not need music, just become silent and become aware of your breathing, your body, just indulge in a few minutes of silence to start your day feeling refreshed, this will help you to reset your mind from all thoughts.

5) Pamper your body with a few simple stretches or movements, flexing body parts or even a self-massage for a few minutes, by giving yourself that little bit of self-love your body will appreciate you for it and it will look after you in return.

6) Wake up every morning and think about something good you will do for someone
that day, remember we are here to help serve others and by waking up with good
intentions towards other people it will also come back to you, the law of karma works wonders.

7) Tell your loved ones you love them daily. No one will ever be fed up with feeling loved. Its amazing how a few words and a hug can make someone feel. Never underestimate anyone’s feelings. We all have that one precious organ within us that
functions well with lots of love and compassion.

8) Read or learn something new, we can never know enough about anything, even read a quote, learning new things can help train and restructure our brains to become healthier as we age.

The more knowledge we know for ourselves the more we will endeavour towards our own personal growth.

9) Start your day of segment by segment, make it clear in your mind what you intend to do within the first part of your day, if you need to plan your day by taking notes this is fine but don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get it all done, determine what is most important for each segment intention.

10) While you are sitting and enjoying your cup of coffee or whatever you chose to have, just stop and smile, make sure it’s a big smile, become aware that you woke up this morning feeling happy, appreciate your life here and see it as a miracle
because that’s what you are.

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