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July 22, 2023

Feeling light as a feather.


We all have an inner energy within us, and no, this is not the energy that we receive from eating food. I am sure we have all had that time in our life when no matter what we tried doing for ourselves, that you would feel drained as if your batteries were running low. When feeling like this, it does not matter what you eat, you just can’t seem to get motivated to doing anything and with most people it can follow into a deep depression.


The reason why we feel like this is because we simply have switched of the inner energy from within. From the time of us being a baby all the way up to the now, we experience many things along our life’s journey and throughout these events and experiences we tend to hold onto many emotions from the past, and from the time we are born till now there are many experiences. It is always a good thing to hold onto the wonderful experiences but for some reason most people cannot seem to forget about all the negative and hurtful things.


The only thing we are doing while holding onto certain experiences is that we are blocking the energy flow from within. Our precious heart is where the energy comes from and you will notice that when you hold onto any kind of resentful thoughts you will continue to block the energy to flow openly.


We all know that feeling when our heart feels happy as if it were fluttering inside us, this is great energy flow and when we feel this, we feel amazing and indestructible. Its only up to ourselves to regain this great energy flow by learning to let go of things that keep blocking us up to feel sluggish.


Whatever experiences that you may have experienced in the past, things will come up in your life today that may trigger of certain emotions, if you allow it to clench your heart then you will continue to block your energy flow but if you can make that choice for yourself to accept and let go then you will experience the rest of your life with an open and happy heart and you will be on the highest energy frequencies with not a worry in the world, pondering through your life with how it is.


You will be feeling light as, a feather and you will live your life feeling so blissful, when being in this energy state you will attract all the good things for yourself, and may even heal yourself from any health issues or illnesses, you will be walking around with your head up so high surrounded by a bright shining light.

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