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July 12, 2023


Many, many years ago there was once a young man named Siddhartha Gautama who lived in Northern India, coming from a wealthy family he was known as the Prince but he decided that living this type of life was not for him, after many years of sitting underneath the Bodhi tree, depriving himself from many things, he even self-conflicted starvation upon himself, he eventually discovered his own awareness and realisation of his oneness and having a much more understanding about the philosophy of life, after discovering meditation, he would practise this for many hours of the day, he discovered his own enlightenment.
He was now known as the Buddha himself; he was willing to teach many people about the Buddhism beliefs and practises.
Buddha meaning the enlightened one realistically means there is the Buddha inside of you, because within all of us there is enlightenment. The discovery of who you truly are, coming into realisation of yourself and to become aware of your own awareness.
To practise Buddhism means to learn to live your life the most natural way, this is surrendering to what it is that is meant to happen in your life journey. Learning to accept things for what it is and understanding that our lives are destined from our own choices that we make in our life. Just allowing us to flow with the way of life.
We need to learn to accept death and to no longer fear it for when it is time for its existence, because without death there would be no life! When we are manifested into this world, we should also understand that everything that is alive will eventually die. Learning to accept this will allow you to live your life to its fullest, it will also strengthen your intentions and desires to fulfil your life’s purpose. We must also understand that our life’s energy will continue for eternity, this part of us is infinite.
Practicing Buddhism will expand your spiritual growth, which in turn will expand one’s own wisdom. Learning the discovery of oneself is one of the most important things to experience as many of us can get a little lost in the world of illusions.
Meditation is powerful and should become part of your daily life. This will help still the overthinking mind from chattering, and it will help you to go within yourself by being aware of your own body and mind. To help find oneness within oneself. By focusing on your breathing and focus your energy on your third eye chakra (middle of your forehead) this will help you to get into that pure consciousness state.
To practise the life of Buddhism will lead you to find your happiness within you, when you can discover the Buddha inside of you, you will live the most fulfilling life with so much love, peace and joy.
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