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August 18, 2023

The more “CHI” the better!

We need to become more in touch with ourselves to be able to nourish and provide our bodies, so we can receive the highest energy frequencies. Our CHI is what gives us the ability to carry on with our daily lives.
Our CHI is our life force energies. We need to be more aware of our energy levels. Life situations can wear down your CHI and when your CHI is running low you will be more prone to having illnesses and bad health. When your CHI is at its highest you become bullet proof, as your CHI expands, which then gives you strong and vibrant energies to protect you.
By giving yourself self-love, this will help to expand your CHI. You can also help to protect your CHI from diminishing by re evaluating your life situations, you can observe what things in your life make you feel at your lowest and deciding for yourself that you will make better choices. Without any fear and doubt just tell yourself that you deserve to become joyful.
There is always a solution to everything. You can then find things that you will enjoy that can help to relax you by meditating and going out into nature for long walks. Your CHI may also be affected by the foods you put into your body, so become aware of how certain foods make you feel.
You will improve your CHI by nourishing your body with foods in which make you feel good. Observe your emotions while you are eating certain foods because this can also affect your CHI.
We are all different when it comes to our bodies and how we may react with all types of food, so do what you feel is right for you.
Keep yourself moving every day. Find some activities that you enjoy doing, the worst thing you can do is doing an activity that you do not enjoy, this will disrupt your emotions, so therefore will shrink your CHI rather than expand.
Making sure that you get enough sleep, resting when your body is feeling run down is important to help your CHI to become at its highest. Always do things by how you feel, you do not need to feel pressured by doing what your friends are doing, learn to listen to yourself.
Also be sure to have some fun in your life, as laughing out loud will help to expand your CHI. Become un- breakable, un-stoppable and regain your superpowers.
The more CHI the better!
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