January 23, 2024

Atypically Versed: A List of 10 Interesting Truths I’ve Learned.


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I decided to comprise a list of some thoughts I have rattling in my brain that seemed important to me in this instance.

I’m writing this as someone who has struggled immensely in a neurotypical world wondering why people didn’t think like me or see things the way that I did and constantly being so upset because of this.

As a result of this, I felt as if I was constantly trying to make them see my point of view and the logical things that made sense. I felt as if I was trying to make them understand and try to somewhat see even a glimpse into my world.

I did all of this while simultaneously masking and trying to fit into their world even though I hated it and didn’t understand it, and even though I was using up so much energy to do so, I still was never able to fit in.

And with that, I have finally come to a place of acceptance and surrender. And I’ve learned that I don’t need to have people understand me…at least not the people who are not equipped to understand me and never will. Trying to force myself to speak a language that I don’t speak or want to, whilst others wildly cannot understand mine, is exhausting, and living a life like that without even knowing it has led me to immense burnout that feels like I may never fully recover. But I’ll still try.

Part of that recovery is moving away from that stream and finding my own stream, where there will be the people who can speak my language, fluently. And I don’t have to teach them. They just do.

So, in no particular order or relevance, here is my list of what I have found to be true in a neurotypical world. Biased? Maybe. Factual? Most probable. Disconcerting? Absolutely.

1. People will see what they want to see. Stop trying to convince them.

2. Many people don’t have the capacity to interpret things with deep empathy and therefore will only be able to view things and comprehend them at a surface level.

3. Most people want what they “think” they want based off of societal programming and conditioning but few have the ability to go after what they want, which usually entails veering off the path.

4. Group think and mob mentality is more prevalent when people are disconnected with their Self. They don’t recognize their truths anymore and accept outside viewpoints in order to fit in because they don’t want to be displaced or be the “outsider.” This is all happening at a subconscious level and they are unaware of it and only are aware of the discomfort of what being the “outsider” may feel like. (Jokes on you. I’ve been the outsider my whole life, so I don’t give a rat’s ass if people leave me out. I’m a pro!)

5. True connection requires vulnerability and authenticity. It is a completion of a revealed wholeness that unites people together.

6. Most people will not heal or become aware in their entire lifetime. And it’s not our job to get them there.

7. Overreach is so ingrained in our conditioning that people don’t have the capacity to stay in their lanes and they feel like they are the authority on what others can do. It’s illogical and inane. Focusing on our own path and inner world is deeply important, but people have been conditioned to keep their attention outward.

8. Anger is not negative. Sadness and grief are not low vibrational. Our dark is not something awful to avoid. These are intrinsic parts of our Being and we are severely handicapping ourselves by continuously leaving them off the table. Also part of societal conditioning.

9. Life is more magical and wonderous than you know. Some people will never get to see that in their lifetime.

10. We cannot continue to go through life shaming ourselves into “better.” Those “better” things we are shaming ourselves into are often bullsh*t societal norms and conditions that are made-up things anyway. And beginning to come from a place of deep reverence, grace, compassion, and unconditional love for yourself is what will truly transform us as a society and as a people. Because it is only in that shift where we will also be able to begin to create change outside of us. As below, so above.

In the end, it feels a bit freeing when we let go of the reigns of something that really was never ours to hold and to finally begin aligning with who you are.

May you find the people who see you and speak your language.

May you find the courage to speak it openly.

And may you always be able to stand in your truth.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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